Hormone Balancing - A Personalized Program

A critical system within the human body is the endocrine system.  It utilizes chemical compounds called hormones that are produced and regulated by body to communicate messages to different organs throughout the body.  The endocrine system is critical to regulating a person's mood, growth and development, sexual desires and reproduction.  The activity of the system changes during different stages of human development and specific glands that produce hormones can increase or decrease over years.

Hormone Replacement Therapy has been a growing area of interest in the medical field specifically in relationship to anti-aging research and treatment.  People are looking to maintain a level of vitality, energy and sexual activity much longer than traditionally expected. Simultaneously people have become increasingly impacted by high levels of stress, lack of sleep and longer work hours that negatively impact the functioning of  that body.  These circumstances can result in early onset menopause, andropause and other conditions that can result in moodiness, chronic fatigue and lower than desired sexual interest and performance. The endocrine system is one in which the levels of specific hormones when maintained over a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis can maintain a desired level of functionality and a decrease or absence of undesirable conditions.

The New Day Way

Dr. Kristin Black, MD, is extensively experienced in working with patients to treat many symptoms and conditions related to low or imbalanced hormones. These include but are not limited to: low sex drive, irritability, poor memory, hot flashes, weight gain and the drying/aging of skin and hair.  She and hundreds of her patients have found great success in using hormone replacement and restoration to treat these problems.

Dr. Kristin Black, MD has been training and is well educated in a variety of different hormone treatment methodologies.  Her preferred method is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is which hormones, that are biologically identical to the hormones produced by the human body, are created and extracted from plants such as soybeans and yams. 

Dr. Kristin Black, MD examines and monitors key hormone levels of a patient over time and in collaboration with the patient establishes a program that can achieve a target hormone level and physiological and emotional outcome.  These programs can include that addition of hormones that the body is no longer producing.  The addition of these hormones can be performed through the insertion of specially compounded pellets or the application of specially formulated gels or creams.  Other programs seek to improve the effectiveness/stimulate the body to elevate its production of key hormones through the use of supplements and in turn improvements in a patient's wellbeing.

How to Get Started

No matter what choice you make in your wellness journey the first step of starting the process is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Black to learn about the causes of your symptoms and understanding the options that you have. Hormone Balancing may not be the sole cause of your symptoms and; consequently, not the single solution.  Dr. Kristin Black, MD as a board certified Family Physician can help you to determine that and provide you with alternative methods or resources to address your concerns.  To get started call 704-697-1116 to schedule your Hormone Consultation with Dr. Kristin Black.

At New Day Wellness Center, Dr. Kristin Black and her staff believes that hormone balancing process of a patient must be crafted to the specific needs of the patient. The hormone balancing program is an ongoing and long term process that is a partnership between the patient and trained medical professionals. We, at New Day, value the trust that you as a patient place in us on your journey to maintain your personal wellbeing and we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.