Physician Guided Weight Loss Programs

hCG Supported Weight Loss Program


New Day uses different forms of hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) that when combined wDr. Black with Dr. Bellalusio at International hCG Symposiumith a low calorie diet creates a potent and effective weight loss solution. hCG has long been called the “weight loss cure” because it creates weight loss in areas where there is excess fat storage and maintains lean muscle mass while keeping patients satisfied without hunger.

Trained by the world-renowned Dr. Daniel Bellalusio of the Oral HCG Research Center, Dr. Black will utilize the clincal findings of more than twenty years of research conducted in Europe and South America.   Research has discovered a link between obesity and the hypothalamus. It has been shown that when the hypothalamus gland was not working properly, patients would have an intense physical hunger and would crave and eat when they are not hungry. ‘This causes the body to create an abnormal storage of fat. It has been found that hCG had a positive effect on the hypothalamus by decreasing hunger.

Dr. Black will develop a hCG based program tailored to your unique needs.  This physician supervised program including a low calorie diet has resulted in an average weight loss of 25 lbs within a 30 day period.

Appetite Suppression Weight Loss Program

If cravings and an uncontrollable appetite is your obstacle in losing weight this program is for you.

This 30-day physician supervised program utilizes a prescribed appetite controlling and metabolic stimulating medication to help weight loss clients lose those extra pounds while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program.

Be sure to visit our photo section to see the progress achieved by our clients. To learn more about either program schedule a consultation appointment today!